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Taki:Scum Life
« on: June 03, 2017, 08:59:14 PM »
At some point the normal, average person simply says, this is nuts and it must end/be stopped. Taki has reached that point.

I feel like an obituary writer, what with Nick Scott, Roger Moore, Alistair Horne—all great buddies—having recently passed away, and now my oldest and closest friend, Aleko Goulandris, dead at 90. Mind you, they all had very good lives: plenty of women, lots of fun, accomplishments galore, and many children and grandchildren. And they all reached a certain age; what else can you ask from this ludicrous life of ours?

Well, I’ll tell you why I won’t be writing about the high life this week, but scum life instead: those innocent young children slaughtered by that Islamist scumbag in Manchester, that’s why. Those sweet young lives deserved better, and what drives me to tears is that none of this had to happen, not in Paris, not in Brussels, not in Berlin, not in Boston, in Orlando, in London, or anywhere else Islamist scum have murdered and maimed the innocent and defenseless.

It does not require a functioning occipital lobe to point the finger at the guilty party: political correctness. During World War II, anyone under the slightest suspicion of sympathies for the Axis powers was immediately interned. At times it even went overboard, like with Oswald and Diana Mosley, a couple who were jailed but were as likely to aid and abet Britain’s enemies as I am to change sex. Lord Haw-Haw, a.k.a. William Joyce, was hanged by the British after the war for treason, despite the fact that Joyce was an Irish citizen and was born in Brooklyn. Casualties of war they are now called.
“Our leaders are such hypocrites that I, for one, have given up.”

But here we have Angela Merkel handing out her usual bullshit, having opened her borders to more than a million migrants, most of them posing as refugees, or that other clown from Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, who I wish had been in Manchester last week and had lost a leg or two, or maybe his miserable life. And what about my golden boy Trump? What has he done lately? Instead of sticking to his guns and keeping Muslims out, as he pledged during his campaign, he goes to Saudi Arabia and inserts his orange face deep into the rectum of the man whose family started the whole murderous campaign against us by financing terror and the schools all over the world that teach it.

Actually, if it weren’t for political correctness, the Hollywood luvvies, and the usual suspects of the left, all we’d have to do in Europe and America is immediately jail those who traveled to the Middle East once ISIS had begun its terror campaign. Instead of committing sixty (yes, sixty) policemen to monitor a suspect 24 hours per—and incurring the incredible cost that surveillance involves—all we’d have to do is throw them in jail for the duration. No habeas corpus, no nothing. They have committed treason, and treason deserves the ultimate penalty. But as we can no longer hang them, at least jail them until they become too old to be a danger.

Sure, Miss Piggy Toynbee at The Guardian might object, but if she got blown up it would only improve her appearance. Let those network phonies scream to their hearts’ content. A government’s first task is to protect its subjects, and this is something neither Europe’s nor America’s government has done. This Libyan thug had not only traveled to Libya, but had been spotted spouting Islamist bullshit in the middle of Manchester, yet was allowed to walk around undisturbed. Oh, how they must be laughing at us, those fat towelheads who order these massacres of children. But leave it to The New York Times to publish almost a whitewash of the Libyan murderer, with quotes from his scumbag father and others who knew him. One day this policy by the Times to whitewash the cold-blooded murder of innocents will come back and bite it you-know-where, and I, for one, will be cheering.

Words, as everyone but the morons who believe politicians knows, are cheap. In a couple of weeks we will be hearing that old mantra of Islam being a religion that preaches love, and I suddenly need to puke while writing these words. Islam is our enemy, we are at war, and we should jail anyone who speaks against us and preaches violence. Don’t wait for the courts, it’s like waiting for Godot. Charge them with treason and stick them in the pokey.

What an irony that Trump said, while in Saudi, that “terrorists and extremists and THOSE WHO GIVE THEM AID AND COMFORT must be driven out.” That asshole Salman, posing as a king, should have taken a bow. After the Orlando massacre in a gay nightclub, where 49 men were killed, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a black American, never once mentioned the word “Islam.” “His motives may never be known,” was as far as she went. Ditto Obama after the San Bernardino killings: He urged Congress to pass stricter gun laws, never mentioning the fact that the killings were committed by husband-and-wife scumbags who had been radicalized in Saudi and the Middle East.

Abedi was known to the fuzz, but what good did it do those innocent young girls who lost their lives so cruelly after the concert? Had he been thrown in jail once he had taken to reciting Islamic prayers loudly in the streets, after having just returned from Libya, all those poor kids would still be alive.

See what I mean by political correctness being the main culprit? Our leaders are such hypocrites that I, for one, have given up. I thought Trump might do something, but then he goes and genuflects to the Saudis and then tells the Israelis—who started the whole mess by grabbing other people’s lands fifty years ago this week, the longest occupation of modern times—how well they’re doing, and yes, do start a peace process with those you’ve stolen land from. Well, I was never very good at picking horses, but I did pick well where the fairer sex is concerned. Close the borders and stick those who have traveled south in jail.

The best news I’ve had in a long time was from Montana, which, along with Wyoming and Texas, is one of my favorite states. Greg Gianforte, newly elected to Congress, finally did to the obnoxious, dishonest, and aggressive Guardian hack Ben Jacobs what decent souls should have done a long time ago: body-slammed the liar to the floor. Jacobs is a pimp who deserved much worse, the least being a punch in his hook nose. Let’s keep Gianforte in Congress forever.
“There are notions so foolish that only an intellectual will believe them.” Orwell

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Re: Taki:Scum Life
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As Freed Reed points out, who else has abandoned human decency?

Apparently I have missed Memorial Day by being on the road in Guanajuato. I gather I should have thanked Our Boys for their service to the exceptional nation. I will pass. My tolerance for nauseating twaddle has diminished with the years.

To begin with, “Our Boys,” so affectionately denominated, are not our boys but suckers of the ruling rich. Think not? Think again. Ending the draft protected the sons of the well-off from military service and the military from anti-war movements. If you draft the moneyed elegants of Princeton, you get resistance. Instead, the oligarchs send the expendable children of the lower orders. Who volunteer.

Further, the soldiers are not heroes but mercenary killers morally indistinguishable from hitmen for the Mafia. A kid joins the military, perhaps never having heard of the Pentagon’s next target country–Iraq, Vietnam, Iran, Afghanistan, wherever. It doesn’t matter. They are just countries.

Then one day come orders from Washington to go kill people in the country du jour. The kid does it. He doesn’t know the people he kills, who have done nothing to him and threaten neither him nor the United States. If ordered, he would as readily attack Switzerland–or Americans.

Guido and Vito. You tell me the difference.

“Our Boys” are not patriots. A recruit signs up because he needs a job, or from boredom, or thinks being a soldier might get him laid in Asia, or wants college money, or to prove himself. Patriotism is an aftermarket bolt-on. It can get you free drinks in a lot of bars. Especially if you have a wound. Wounds usually come from bad luck or incompetence, but you can peddle them for drinks.

The public, middle class and up, does not “support the troops.” The majority do not serve, do not know anyone who does, and avoids soldiers as sex-crazed riffraff. Which is not too far off the mark.

I grew up aboard Dahlgren Naval Proving Ground, a naval weapons-development base on the Potomac in Virginia. The daughters of the mathematicians, physicists, and officers were strongly discouraged from dating sailors. They were, though no one quite said it, dirt. Can you imagine Ivanka Trump going out with an enlisted Marine? To Billy Bob’s Rib Pit?

How many of those celebrating Our Boys at Breitbart or National Review  have been to a Legion hall recently? Ever? Carried a rifle? Know what one is?

Our Boys are not making sacrifices for America. They are being sacrificed, used to promote the interests of Big Oil, Israel, the Neocons to the extent that there is a difference, the arms industry, and the imperialists. They are certainly not defending America, which is in no danger at all from Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, or the rest. Do you wake up shuddering in fear of attack by Yemen?

Our Boys do not fight because they want to but because we force them to. If they choose not to, they are called “deserters” and “traitors” and face heavy jail time. A few men enjoy war and go back, tour after tour–I know several of these–but most, given the chance to come home  without penalty, would be gone yesterday. If you don’t believe me, make them the offer and see what happens.

American soldiers are not good guys, decent people, armed Boy Scouts promoting democracy and policing the world to rid it of evil. They start as normal lower middle class kids, yes, no worse than anyone else, but training soon brings them around. They learn how to place a bayonet in an enemy’s kidneys so that the shock and agony will drop him. At least we did in Parris Island in the summer of ‘66. They learn how to take out a man’s face with a vertical butt stroke. Chiefly they lose the normal aversion to killing. All of this is necessary for soldiers. Our Boys.

The abandonment of all human decency is the soul of military culture, and a needed abandonment. A pilot bombing Baghdad knows that he is splattering people, that they have done nothing to him or his, that he is leaving children screaming at what is left of Mommy with funny things coming out of her middle and gurgling. He knows this because it is impossible not to know what five-hundred-pound bombs do. But he does it anyway. He doesn’t care. If he did, he wouldn’t do it.

In the age of PR, the military will speak of “surgical strikes” and “collateral damage.” Officers, who are liars and politicians, become angry if pressed on what they are really doing. They don’t care, at least don’t care enough, or they wouldn’t do it, but they know that disemboweled kids play badly with the public. That you see no photos of bleeding viscera in the media is a measure of the control of the press by those profiting from war.

Soldiers are evil. They don’t start that way, but the military changes them. If you read military history you will find that, from Joshua to yesterday, armies have butchered whole cities, looted, raped, burned, tortured. It is what armies do. Dresden, Hamburg, Nanjing, Hiroshima. How can you not think this evil?

Having been trained to kill, they do. Seeing their friends die horribly after stepping on the mine, they come to hate the dinks, slopes, sand niggers, Krauts, gooks. Revenge has a powerful appeal. Seeing a lot of mutilated corpses, cartilage glistening white, produces numbness. Another dead gook. So what?

It happens easily. The day I arrived at the Amtrac compound at Danang in 1967, a VC had been killed the night before outside the wire. They brought him in, I don’t know why. He was lying on the ground, apparently having taken a full magazine of 7.62, arm almost cut off with bone sowing and flies crawling on open eyes going cloudy.

Several other Marines were taking turns holding his head up by the hair for trophy photographs. So what, I thought. He was dead. It wasn’t an atrocity. Just guys kidding around.

Our boys. Me included.

But atrocities happen, regularly. Some can’t be argued, such as Lt. Calley’s mass killing at My Lai. Many soldiers deny what they have done, or kid themselves. A pilot bombing a village because sniper rounds came out of it will see no atrocity.

Militaries today have learned to be sensitive about these things. They invariably are called “isolated incidents.” An isolated incident is business as usual that has been detected by the press. Countries insist that their soldiers don’t do the things every other army has done since the first human picked up a pointed stick. Germans will tell you about the “clean Wehrmacht.” Yeah.

Memorial day. Let’s hear it for Our Boys.
“There are notions so foolish that only an intellectual will believe them.” Orwell

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