Shipyard Sinking

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Shipyard Sinking

#1 Post by pkarm » Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:12 pm

I could see the attraction to wanting to life downtown in a major metro city where there is real value to it but a city like Green Bay where they roll up the sidewalks at 7pm weekdays and noon Saturday just does not offer that kind of desired results. Right now its more a novelty to live downtown sort of a status thing for the young white collar idealist, but eventually that shine is going to dull and they will need more than just a wooden deck to give reason to be there.

Skoken running to Ashwaubenon will be a black eye for the city especially since he jumped on early in this project only to scurry away at the last minute, lucky for him he has already saturated the city with his stores, so he has no real reason to build the concert venue in Green Bay.

The project would have been a boost to that area and business that are hanging on to survive it would have brought more people downtown of a different culture and class but with Anduzzis backing out and Skoken right behind, it will put a skid mark on that area that is not going to disappear for a while.

It would be beneficial for the Bullfrogs and Skoken to work on a deal together in the stadium district which would be a tremendous loss to Green Bay........again.

I still hope the shipyard goes through but I think it is going to take a festivus miracle to pull it off

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