Injuns on the Warpath

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Injuns on the Warpath

#1 Post by k.d. » Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:50 am

Some of the folks in Oneida are determined to fight back against the opioid/heroin problem on the Rez. Good luck with that.
They started out by lighting a fire that will burn for thirty days. (To ward off the evil spirits?)
If you read the local newspaper's article below, you'll get an idea of what lies ahead for them in there battle against drugs and how they plan to fight it. (You will not be encouraged, by the article that is so poorly written, or by their plan of action which is their government inaction and almost total incompetency to do anything, but to do it in triplicate to preserve the environment.)

The Oneidas take special care to honor their warriors (US Military Veterans.) If America goes to war, the young bucks are the first to sign up to defend the government that subjugated them to the REZ. Clearly, either the US government or their own tribal leaders have indoctrinated their own people to ridiculous nonsense. Take, for instance, the fact that any of the current crop of Oneida enlisted men currently fighting in Afghanistan are fighting to preserve the CIA and Afghan drug lords continued flow of heroin from that place to the Oneida Rez and every other community in the country and around the world.

Anyway, below is what was in the official Oneida newspaper.

With the national opioid crisis leaving no community untouched, the Oneida Nation recently unveiled its Tribal Action Plan (TAP) to help combat the growing epidemic as well as other substance abuse issues. The 23-page TAP document contains information about the Tribal Coordinating Committee (TCC) tasked with implementation of the TAP, an Environmental Inventory to assess the nation’s needs, resources, and current services as they relate to alcohol and substance abuse activities, a Community Readiness Assessment as well as stated goals, objectives, and outcomes for the plan. ... -unveiled/
“Everything government touches turns to crap.”

― Ringo Starr

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