Kids with Guns

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Kids with Guns

#1 Post by pkarm » Sat Nov 04, 2017 9:09 pm

today one of my favorite unhinged liberals from Caffeinated Politics, Gregory Humphrey, had one of his nutjob post that.

He is all riled up that bill passed in the State Assembly to allow anyone to go hunting, AB 455, passed on a vote of 57-32.
How whacked out as he, well here is some of what he ranted.

" Hell, why not allow beer carts in the woods to sell beverages too, akin to those that show up at certain golf courses? Leave the baby bottles at home and let little Johnny swig a brew as he steadies his little arm for the next rounds he fires aimlessly into the trees."

"I get the fact the gun lobby is all upset that more and more kids do not with(?) to hunt and slaughter animals with deadly weapons in the woods. This is no longer a society where most people need to hunt and gather to stay alive. Instead hunting is more a blood-letting exercise with male machismo than it is anything bearing a resemblance to what our history books tell of past generations needing to hunt."

"By all means put those weapons in the hands of kids who are not even yet able to discern if they need clean underwear!"
He is a well known opponent of the 2nd Amendment. He has stated his hate for the NRA and people who support the NRA and those who own guns. So this stand is not unusual.

But he is someone who has never raised kids and clearly shows he has no idea what he is talking about. He see's the little snot nosed kids in his whole wheat stores being raised by parents who most likely never discipline them, so they don't hurt their itty bitty feelings and then he makes the judgement that all kids act like that.

In the real world where parents teach right from wrong, teach morals and values teach respect, in other words not liberal gibberish, it's a whole different world from your utopia and these kids are capable of hunting and are smart enough to learn the proper use of guns.

His post was hysterically funny, the over exaggeration and the dishonest stereotypes is so typical of a liberal who has never experienced life but lived in a bubble.

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Re: Kids with Guns

#2 Post by j.p. » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:02 am

I don't think the govenment has any business setting a hunting age for supervised children. However I do think the adults need to be held fully liable, both civilly and criminally, for accidents and misdeeds of the kid under their supervision. Statutory absolution of liability seems to a new trend for gun carriers, under the guise of the 2nd amendment.

The guy you quote sounds a little nutty. But I take issue that this proposed law has with anything to do the 2nd amendment. Even the most insecure NRAer is for regulation. It's universally accepted that felons shouldn't carry guns, but they are the only group that truley needs a gun for self defense.

I can't disagree with his statement that the reason for hunting is not to put food on the table. There seems to be need for "blood letting". I'm not being critical . I quit hunting a few years ago, but I still enjoy torturing fish for the hell of it. Certainly wouldn't eat anything caught in a Wisconsin lake or river.

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Re: Kids with Guns

#3 Post by k.d. » Sun Nov 05, 2017 9:44 am

I quit going to that buzzard-faced colon cowboy's site well over a year ago. If you post a comment there based on a truth or fact he breaks out into an effeminate little hissy fit. His only concern about children is probably how can he get them to play with his fecal-crusted little pee shooter. To put it another way, I don't really care for the little fag.
“Everything government touches turns to crap.”

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