Another Tragedy

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Another Tragedy

#1 Post by pkarm » Sun Nov 05, 2017 3:51 pm

The blogger at Caffeinated Politics has one agenda in life, to take away the law abiding citizens of Americas right to own guns.

It has never been clearer as his latest post there today says it all.

A Muslim terrorist attacks and killed innocent people in New York City and he did not ONCE blog about it. This is typical for him as he has ignored other Muslim attacks in the past and only blogs about these events when it is anyone but Muslim.

Today we have suffered another American tragedy, this time at a small church in Texas.

This is where it gets disgusting. The blogger posted soon after the news broke, but did the post talk about the tragic lost of life, no, as a typical liberal he is using this event to attack the Constitution and the rights of Americans to own guns, pushing his extremist agenda, not caring one bit for the lives lost.

Here is partly what he wrote:
"If you listen to conservatives there is no problem with guns in America. No trouble at all with the NRA controlling the elected officials in office in both state legislatures and in congress.... this too will wind up in the trash can in homage to the NRA and others who make big bucks off our unrestrained gun culture."

Americans see him for what he truly is, a threat to America and the way of life that gives us the freedoms that make this country great.

It is sad that people like him use tragic events like today for one purpose and one purpose only, to destroy the America that we have had for the last 246 years.

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Re: Another Tragedy

#2 Post by j.p. » Mon Nov 06, 2017 7:43 am

I'll have to go see this guys site. Especially since he is a "a threat to America and the way of life that gives us the freedoms that make this country great" Sounds like a pretty powerful and influential dude.

He seems right about one thing: The NRA does have control of state legislatures.

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