Samantha, Ivanka and dicks and c*nts

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Samantha, Ivanka and dicks and c*nts

#1 Post by j.p. » Thu May 31, 2018 6:39 pm

I've seen Samantha Bee a few times on the tube. Enough to know that she is liberal, loud and uses a lot of swear words .
I don't mind political humor, but she goes over the top on the obnoxious meter. She is no Maher or Stewart, I do not find her funny.

I don't mind the word cunt, to me it is like any other cuss word. But Bee's timing was terrible. The Trumpflakes had been (unsucessfully) searching the world over for an answer to Roseanne, now they found one. I think she would have pulled it off at any other time.

Sweet Ivanka's only foible might be that she an entitled self promoting princess, which is ok. She did nothing to deserve being publically called a cunt . If the lefty comedians want to find a dick/cunt in the Trump family, they should follow Don Jr around more closely. Then the slur would carry more weight, and might be funny.

Bee's slur was bad, but not in the same league as Barr's. I bet you wouldn't have predicted I would say that !

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Re: Samantha, Ivanka and dicks and c*nts

#2 Post by k.d. » Thu May 31, 2018 7:20 pm

I don't agree with all that, but you would have won that bet, regardless.
“Everything government touches turns to crap.”

― Ringo Starr

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