3 Main Features of an Office LAN Messenger

How to choose LAN messenger

Are you attempting to choose an office LAN messenger instant messaging app for your organization? This is a big choice – and one that you need to take seriously. Even though you have many options, some are head and shoulders above the rest. You also have to remember this: some private instant messengers are built for corporate use; others are best left for college students who want to stay in touch.

Office LAN chat

If you search for a corporate LAN messaging tool with the right criteria in mind, you should be happy with what you get. Although every company is looking for something unique, there are three details that everybody should be interested in:


1. Security. If you are not going to select a secure corporate instant messenger like these apps at Appgroves, you are taking a huge risk. Remember, this is a communication tool that your employees are going to be using every day. Not only will they send messages amongst themselves, but also to outside clients from time to time. Security should be at the top of your features list.

2. Networks. You only want authorized users to be able to contact you and your employees, right? In this case, you need to choose a LAN messenger tool that comes with the ability to create multiple networks. Not only is this good for security, but it also helps to keep things organized. For example, you can have one network for your sales team and another for customer service.

3. Free tech support. Let’s face it; no matter who you are you are going to need tech support from time to time. If you have a full-time IT team, this may not be something you are concerned with. But not every organization is this fortunate. Choose a corporate instant messaging tool that offers free tech support when you need it.

You are bound to have other criteria that are important to you. But remember that security, networks, and tech support are essential to your overall success.