Common Office Instant LAN chat Complaints

Are you the type of person who has had issues with your office LAN messenger in the past? Believe it or not, this is quite common – you are definitely not alone. Many common complaints come up time and time again. Here are a few that you may have experienced in the past:

1. Operation system. The office LAN chat app I selected does not work with my operating system. This is a huge problem, but one that you do not necessarily have to worry about. When you choose a program, such as Realpopup, you know that you can use your messenger no matter if you are running Windows, Mac, or Android. There is no reason you should have to alter your operating system just so you can run a particular messaging program.

2. No networks. If you cannot group users in networks, you are missing out on one of the biggest benefits of corporate LAN messaging. This is particularly true if you have a large company and are attempting to keep track of many employees.

Here is what Realpopup LAN  messenger has to say about networks: By having a private network you can be sure that text messages, file transfers, and all other communication options are requested only by authorized users within that network. This is a convenient way to confine the communications of your employees and keep them focused on business purposes only. This will also keep them away from different kinds of Internet security threats and attacks.

Now, do you see why networks are so important?

3. Сomplexity. My business instant messenger is entirely too complex. Let’s be honest – most users are interested in a simple, easy to follow experience. If you do not understand how your intranet messenger works or what features it offers, it is safe to say that you are going to become frustrated sooner rather than later. In turn, you may give up altogether.

Do any of these complaints sound familiar? If so, don’t give up on local messaging altogether. Instead, find a tool that better suits your needs.